A Personal Trainer with Results in Salt Lake

If you’re looking to get in shape or become a better athlete while making strong bonds with others, Boot Camp with Jess in Midvale is the place for you. Since 2002, we have been offering fitness results with the best personal training and strength training available in the Salt Lake area with a military themes and proven tactics.

Our Programs

To help you get in the best shape of your life, we offer a few programs to get you the results you want. We offer boot camp-style fitness that includes a hell week. During this first week, you will wear a weighted vest to help strengthen your endurance. After hell week, you will have another five weeks to see your transformation take place while working with a team of others who have similar goals.

If you do not want to complete hell week, we offer Special Operation Training that gives you personal circuit training without the military-style protocol. You’ll be able to come in any time you want during business hours.

Strength Training in Salt Lake City

What is Strength Training?

Simply put, strength training is exercise that uses resistance to trigger muscular contraction to build strength, anaerobic endurance and the size of skeletal muscles. Strength training can help improve athletic performance. However, you do not have to be training for sports to see the benefits. Strength training can also improve overall health and well-being. Exercises like bench press, squats, deadlifts and powercleans are examples of strength training exercises.

When strength training, athletes will primarily focus on 60-80% of what the one-rep max would be for any given exercise, using that weight for 8-12 repetitions in each set performed. For example, if the max is 225 lbs for bench press, the athlete would complete the exercise with 135 – 180 lbs of resistance.

There are many benefits to strength training, including:

  • • Improved joint function
  • • Reducing potential for injury
  • • Increased metabolism
  • • Increased heart function
  • • Better cholesterol levels

Personal Training and Cycle Classes

No matter of what level you are at with strength training, we have personal trainers to help you. We want to help you succeed, and our personal trainers are the best in the business.

Unlike the military or other fitness centers, our personal training staff will not yell at you or humiliate you during the workouts. We are just as focused as you are on meeting your fitness goals and we’ll push you the right way. If strength training doesn’t interest you, we also offer cycling classes to help you get in the best shape of your life.

Contact us and enlist in boot camp today to start seeing results. We have helped thousands of people in the West Jordan, Salt Lake City, Cottonwood Heights areas and throughout Utah get the fitness results they want.

Daily Operations

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