The program begins with hell week…during this week the new P.T. will wear a 30 pound vest while training.  This vest will be your best friend for the next 5 days.  It will help keep you focused while training as you learn the program, follow directions, listen to the Instructor and pay attention to detail.  While in hell week P.T. will learn the different muscle groups, weight equipment, position of attention and parade rest as well as cadences.

Days 1 through 4 consists of a combination of weight training, tread-milling, agility and endurance exercises. Day 5 (usually Friday) of hell week is at a track/football stadium where the new P.T. will finish their last day of hell week all with the support of other team mates.

Once you finish hell week, a graduation ceremony will be held for you. Your measurements are then taken, and your weighted vest comes off for good.

Over the next 25 training sessions (5 days per week) is where you will start to see your transformation.  You will work together as a team each day with your group of 4-5 team mates.  Training is Monday through Friday one hour….no breaks…no excuses just hard work.

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