When talking about Sports Massage, one question is asked more than others. Does massage just make you FEEL good?

No, massage has proven physiological effects that not only make you feel good, it also helps you move better. Massage Helps your body move more efficiently with less pain. Massage has been proven to increase Range Of Motion (How far you can move an extremity before it stops), Quality of Motion (How fluid your movement is.. ie how much you shake vs. how much you don’t), and Flexibility (How far you can stretch a muscle). Massage does much more than make you feel good, by combining massage with your personal training you will find that it can:


– Improve muscular function

– Improves the rate of recovery after a work-out

– Improves muscle tone

– Reduce the severity and occurrence of injury

– Reduce the effects of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

– Reduce pain associated with shin-splints

– Relieves cramps and muscle spasm

– Reduces scarring

– Reduces Lactic Acid build-up

– Keep you as pain-free as possible during your six-week program

Therapeutic Sports Massage is becoming a bigger part of injury prevention regimens for athletes across the globe from amateur to professional. Taking part in a massage therapy program during your six week course will help you achieve greater results.

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