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Bootcamp with Jess

Special Ops Training

Special Ops Training is a boot camp fitness program for anyone wanting to achieve maximum results without the “military” protocol. It incorporates circuit training, utilizing weight machines, cardio machines, body contouring, free weights and plyometric aka jump training, all with the benefits of a certified personal trainer at your side.

From beginner to the most advanced athlete, Special Ops Training will help you achieve the results you desire. Each day is tailored to a specific muscle group to include weight training, cardio, core, and abdominal work. The program is structured over 5 days, working out 1 hour per day, giving your body the right combination of hard work and time to rest and recover.

Special Ops Training at Bootcamp with Jess has competitive pricing and an exceptional instructor to client ratio. Our personal trainers get to know each client individually which helps them better understand their body and weight loss or fitness goals.

If you’re looking for a fit body boot camp in Salt Lake City, Bootcamp with Jess is your best option. Our boot camp fitness classes are lead by a personal trainer and combine the best techniques with a motivating program that will kick start your fitness journey.

Select your training hour. Classes start as early as 0500 to 0900 and 1630 to 1830, Monday–Thursday and Friday at 0600.

Bootcamp S.O.T. Training

Bootcamp with Jess

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