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Bootcamp with Jess


I just realized that I 've never worked out before! I've had gym passes at all of the local warehouse clubs, but the $20 per month was just never motivating enough. Even when I found time to go to the gym, I would move the machines up and down and maybe break a sweat, but that was not a real workout. BOOTCAMP WITH JESS is the REAL DEAL with a REAL WORKOUT. 1 hour. That's it. 1 hour 4 times a week and I've lost 18 pounds already. You have to try this. Seriously. Come try this. It is legit.

I was so scared my first day thinking I was going to get yelled at or that I would be so out of shape compared to everyone else, but it wasn’t so bad so I kept at it. The first week I was soooo sore and it was tough, but I was so proud after I finished Hell Week. Now I’ve done 2 sessions and absolutely love this place. Instructor Coleman is awesome and takes a personal interest in all his PTs, and will help you dig down to the real cause of what has held you back in the past. Plus you get to work out with nice people that all have similar goals who you can commiserate with. The self-confidence and motivation that you will get is well worth the money. I would recommend this place to anyone!
⁠—Holly Robinson

I love Bootcamp With Jess. Recently my friend convinced me to try Orange Theory for a few months, but I decided to go back to Bootcamp. The pricing is similar to Orange Theory, however, Bootcamp’s classes are much smaller so I get tons of 1 on 1 direction and encouragement. Also, I don’t have to pre-plan sign up for classes like I did with Orange. Orange classes are high energy, but it’s the same rotation every class⁠—treadmill, rower, and a little bit of weights then repeat. Just got really bored by it. Bootcamp classes are different every day⁠—I never know what exercises we will do or what equipment we will use!
⁠—Aubreya Scharman

One of the reasons I started going to Bootcamp with Jess was to get better at running. I have gotten that and much more. The workouts are great. After only six months I can truly say I have never been in better shape.
⁠—Rachel Dec Boulds

Most who know me see the large tattooed rough on the outside soft on the inside friend, father, husband and all-around good guy. But not as many know my struggles with mental health and physical issues from my Military service. After too many years of being medicated, therapy and having 5 surgeries in the last 4 years it has taken a toll on my body. I have been able to make lifestyle changes that have helped me detox off the medication and find ways to calm an always chaotic mind.

Now with the help of Continue Mission and Bootcamp with Jess, I am finally trying to tackle one of my hardest issues, I got fat. This might not seem like it should be viewed as an issue, but for me, the fact of putting on so much weight and being out of shape has felt like I was drowning. Going from a very fit and muscular guy serving my country proudly in the Marine Corps to feeling like I don’t know who I was looking at in the mirror has been hard and even harder to admit feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

Last week was my first-week training with Jess and he kicked my ass, in a very good way. His knowledge, drive, and motivation have been amazing. Making me not only feel comfortable and welcome in his facility but making me want to come back. Best of all Jess with Bootcamp with Jess will help all disabled Veterans and all those who are suffering from depression and PTSD for free, just by being registered with Continue Mission. Give us 6-weeks, we will change your life!
⁠—Christopher Shouten, US Marine

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45 lbs Lighter

Bootcamp with Jess

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